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Information security and project management services. Improve Your business today !

Effective and efficient implementation of information security management and governance. ISO/IEC 27001 information security management system (ISMS) and OSSTMM audit of your organization or your supplier. Risk assessment. Compliance to management standards and policies. Business and IT continuity. Disaster recovery. Project management and control. Processes and change. Is it your need? May we help you?

We offer an application of our extensive knowledge and experience within your unique environment for your benefit. We understand that each problem and it’s environment are special and so is the solution. We are anxious to share our expertise. If you seek change and seek to solve the problem in the above mentioned fields from the root, we can help you!
All of the large enterprises and small companies we have serviced have reached a common understanding: information security is not simply comprised of technology, nor policy documents, nor procedures. Neither is information security a paranoid secrecy. Information security is a continuous process of organizational improvement, change, communication, and learning.